​Backtrack is passionate about promoting the arts and helping students find and develop their voices. The group has conducted educational programs at over 100 schools nationwide.


assembly ♪

Our assembly show is the foundation of our programming. We sing a variety of music, including pop hits, oldies and originals. In addition to singing, we can include an a cappella arranging demonstration, beatbox tutorial, Q&A section and other fun, interactive bits!

workshop ♪

We workshop with choirs, focusing on both musical and performance elements. We can workshop repertoire the students are currently working on and/or we can provide a complimentary Backtrack arrangement for them to learn prior to our visit.

clinics ♪ 

  • Beatboxing - Our award-winning beatboxer, Craig Simonetti, gives a crash course on beatboxing. He teaches the basic sounds of beatboxing, incorporates the sounds into beats, and gets students up on the microphone to try out their beats. Time permitting, the clinic culminates in a beatbox battle where the students are split into different teams. 

  • Choreography - We discuss elements for successful choreography such as directed energy, stillness and call and response. Students are taught a chorus of a song and broken up into small groups to choreograph/block the song. The groups perform and receive feedback. Time and technology permitting, Backtrack members share video examples and discuss the elements that make for strong stage presence (as a group and individually).

  • Group Vocal Improvisation - This is a simple and fun introduction to a cappella arranging and also teaches students about the importance of listening, going with their musical instincts and not being afraid to put themselves out there. The clinic involves teaching and playing a series of games where small groups of students create vocal arrangements on the spot. 

  • Singing a Solo - Backtrack conducts this clinic with the hopes of helping students gain confidence when auditioning and performing solos. We discuss elements that make a successful solo, such as singing with intention, and share tips to help with nerves. Students sing a verse and a chorus of a song of their choice and receive feedback. Time and technology permitting, we show video clips of "successful" solos. 

  • DIY Music Video - We discuss the process we use for creating music videos. We discuss the equipment necessary (sometimes just an iPhone will suffice) and the planning and execution steps. Using Backtrack videos as examples, we discuss different structures for music videos including narrative-driven videos, green screen videos and behind-the-scenes videos.

  • Acting A Song - In this class, we discuss the elements that make for a successful musical theatre performance. Students will perform a verse and chorus of their favorite MT selection and workshop the song with the goal of crafting a polished 32 bar audition cut. Students will be given tools to delve into a character’s point of view, turn lyrics into action & find comfortability on the stage.


  • Group Blend & Balance - In Backtrack we ARE our own backing track. Without the background “band” parts in an arrangement, a cappella group music would definitely not be as cool- in fact, it wouldn’t exist! In this class, you’ll learn the different elements of singing within the background parts of an arrangement such as blending, listening, balance, vowel and energy matching and performing with musicality. This skill is often asked of singers in a cappella auditions for both college and professional groups. Students will learn part of an arrangement and will have the opportunity to sing with the members of Backtrack and receive feedback on their performance.

  • Arranging - What takes an arrangement to the next level? In this class, award winning arrangers Jared Graveley and Craig Simonetti will lead students through the vocal arranging process from the ground up. We will explore the overarching journey of arranging; beginning with a blank page and the brainstorming process, while writing for specific singers and ensembles. While getting the song “on paper,” we will delve into the tiny details of groove, voice leading, and harmonization. Technology and time permitting, our arrangers introduce Digital Audio Workspaces and computer software arranging compared to paper notation. Students will leave the class with more arranging tools in their toolboxes, as well as a broader perspective and an increased ability to tailor their arranging to their individual singers.

  • Bass Singing - Even with a low voice, singing a cappella bass can be tricky! Our bass, Jared Graveley, will help students of all vocal ranges understand the subtle concepts of groove, style, and articulation when it comes to laying down the bass part for an a cappella performance. Styles covered include pop, funk, jazz, r&b, and more! Additionally, microphone techniques for bass singers is an incredibly important part of modern a cappella performance, and can be taught to students in a hands-on section of this workshop, should equipment be available for students.

  • Directing an Ensemble - Have you struggled with leading your singers to perform like you know they can, or are you curious how your group can just make everything a little bit tighter? Accomplished professional director and conductor Jared Graveley will lead students through a course on directing a student led rehearsal. Topics include rehearsal techniques, social management, brief conducting instruction, and more. This masterclass works great as a workshop setting with individual directing students, but also is incredibly effective when able to coach a director with their group in a mock rehearsal setting.

  • Recording, Editing & Mixing - More and more, it is becoming important for musicians and singer/songwriters to be able to record themselves and produce their own music. These skills allow artists to be more self-sufficient and give them the ability to create demos, full tracks, and other musical projects from home. Craig Simonetti, Backtrack’s primary mixing engineer teaches students the basics of recording, mixing, and editing, demonstrating softwares such as Melodyne and ProTools and discussing elements of audio production including pitch and time correction, EQ, compression, and reverb. 


"Backtrack Vocals came to Fieldston Lower today and totally captivated our community. The children were held in rapt attention as they created a beautiful soundscape with their arrangements. Beyond even being a totally professional performing ensemble, they took the time to educate our students how they create their sound, and invited children to the stage to join them in beat boxing and singing along with a song that they (rightfully guessed) was well known by most of their audience. They kept the mood upbeat but also took a chance with a thoughtful and quiet ballad which showed just how much the audience was engaged. Overall, we were thrilled with the sound and energy our students felt throughout the performance. We look forward to having them back again."

Blake Rowe, Music, Fieldston Lower School, Bronx, NY

"Professional to a T, Backtrack is a talented and entertaining ensemble that really knows how to communicate with an audience, be it school or community. Excellent singers and arrangements throughout. Very engaging and reliable people to work with."

William Spencer-Pierce, Performing Arts, Salem Community Schools, Salem IN

"I just wanted to tell you again how grateful we are for your visit to our school. The kids really enjoyed your performance and we talked about it for days. Even more than just amazing entertainment; your visit inspired them!"   

Lucy Nisbet, Choir Director, Ponderosa High School, Shingle Springs, CA 

"Backtrack was absolutely outstanding both as musicians and educators. The ensemble performed a 2-hour vocal workshop with my choirs followed by a concert that evening at our school. My students were actively engaged from start to finish!!!! All of the music pedagogy that I regularly cover in class were reinforced by Backtrack throughout the workshop. It seemed as though we had all known each other for years because of their easy-going approach and understanding of middle school age students. I am looking forward to having the ensemble back again and again. As an educator, it was nice to sit back and relax while watching my kids learn so much from such an incredible ensemble."

Brett Duchon, the Director of Choirs at Stafford Middle School, Stafford, CT

"Having Backtrack come to our school was hands down one of the best decisions I've made in my seven years of teaching music. Our 5th-8th graders, faculty and administrators loved their performance. It was upbeat, informative, and extremely musical. Our 7th/8th grade advanced chorus had an absolute blast with the beatbox workshop and our 6th-8th grade chorus enjoyed some Q&A time after the performance. This group is organized, professional, and a whole lot of fun. You will not be disappointed!"

Rachael Gareau, the Choral Director at Harding Township School, Harding Township, NJ

"Backtrack performed for our elementary students and left quite an impression! They are not only excellent musicians, but they are also great performers, keeping 300 students engaged at a time. They did a beautiful job teaching kids about a cappella music in kid friendly terms, doing various demonstrations and even making the presentation hands on by inviting students (and staff!) to practice with them. The kids sang along, wanted to dance and had a truly memorable experience. I highly recommend having Backtrack perform at your school!"

Christine Dragone, the Assistant Principal at North Side School, East Williston, NY

"The students and staff absolutely loved Backtrack. This multi-talented, diverse, and energetic vocal ensemble had our entire school captivated with their beautiful voices, song selections, and audience participation segments. I highly recommend bringing Backtrack to your school or organization. You will love them!"

Stephen Kimmel, Principal, Willets Road School, Roslyn Heights, NY


  • Bethel Middle School - Bethel, CT

  • Darien High School - Darien, CT

  • East Haddam Elementary School - Moodus, CT

  • Frank T. Wheeler School - Plainville, CT

  • Gilead Hill School - Hebron, CT

  • Hebron Elementary School - Hebron, CT

  • John Read Middle School - Redding, CT

  • Kingswood Oxford School - West Hartford, CT

  • Linden Street School - Plainville, CT

  • Louis Toffolon School - Plainville, CT

  • Martin Kellogg Middle School - Newington, CT

  • Mathewson School - Milford, CT

  • North Street School - Greenwich, CT

  • Stafford Middle School - Stafford, CT

  • Washington Montessori School - New Preston, CT

  • First Coast High School - Jacksonville, FL

  • Salem High School - New Albany, IN

  • Sippican School - Marion, MA

  • Shepherd High School - Shepherd, MI

  • Winn Elementary - Shepherd, MI

  • Hopewell Valley Central School - Pennington, NJ

  • Jackson Memorial High School - Jackson, NJ

  • Markham Place School - Little Silver, NJ

  • Tuscan Elementary School - Maplewood, NJ

  • Baldwin High School - Baldwin, NY

  • Delaware Academy - Delhi, NY

  • ​Fieldston Lower School - Bronx, NY

  • John F. Kennedy High School - Bellmore, NY

  • M.C. Miller Middle School - Lake Katrine, NY

  • Meadow Drive Elementary - Albertson, NY

  • Minisink Elementary School - Slate Hill, NY

  • New City Elementary School - New City, NY

  • Northside Charter High School - Brooklyn, NY

  • O'Neill High School - Walton, NY

  • Roosevelt High School - Roosevelt, NY

  • Sacred Heart School - New York, NY

  • Success Academy Bed-Stuy 2 - Brooklyn, NY

  • Success Academy Cobble Hill - Brooklyn, NY

  • Success Academy Washington Heights - New York, NY

  • Success Academy Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

  • Townsend Elementary School - Walton, NY

  • The Wheatley School - Old Westbury,  NY

  • Woodward Children's Center - Freeport, NY

  • Baldwin School - Bryn Mawr, PA

  • Elizabeth Forward Middle School - Elizabeth, PA

  • ​J.T. Lambert Intermediate School - East Stroudsburg, PA

  • Kiski Area High School - Vandergrift, PA

  • New Garden Elementary School - Toughkenamon, PA

  • The Pen Ryn School - Fairless Hills, PA

  • Saegertown Jr./Sr. High School - Saegertown, PA

  • Smethport Area Jr. & Sr. High School - Smethport, PA

  • Trinity Valley School - Fort Worth, TX

  • Saint Johns School - Houston, TX

  • ​DC Everest Area School District - Schofield, WI


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