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Backtrack Vocals brings their entertainment expertise to corporate events around the world.
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Live Performances

Captivate your audiences with a unique and engaging performance for any kind of corporate event! Backtrack is guaranteed to elevate corporate gatherings with their top-notch vocals, dynamic stage presence, and captivating energy!

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Let Backtrack Vocals support your marketing campaigns by creating unique collaborative opportunities. We can arrange jingles, create theme songs, add live soundtracks, and bring your projects you can dream, to life!

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Customized Setlists

From upbeat and energetic conventions to elegant and sophisticated gatherings, we can tailor our repertoire to create the perfect atmosphere and make your event truly unforgettable.

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Interactive Performances

Audiences are invited to join in on sing-alongs, participate in call-and-response, and play along in interactive games. Let Backtrack create a dynamic and lively atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged all night long.

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Background Music

Elevate your event during cocktail hours, networking sessions, and dinners. Let us create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, allowing attendees to comfortably connect and socialize.


Corporate Branding

Bring corporate branding to life with live and digital performance services.  Incorporate company jingles, adapt lyrics to align with your corporate messaging, and let us proudly display branded attire to represent your company's image with style.

"Backtrack is fabulous. Starting with the initial arrangements, through song selection and the performance, Backtrack was professional, responsive, easy to work with and exceeded our expectations. Performing at a 420 plus person gala, they treated us to a crowd pleasing mashup of New York themed songs and pop cover songs. The performance was fresh and infectious." 

- Grace Fallek, Avenue of Americas Association, New York, NY


A member of Backtrack Vocals in New York City promoting and posing with merchandise from a past client collaboration


A collage of corporate logos featuring a collection of campies that Backtrack has worked with ranging from holiday parties to jingle collaborations, commericals, and more
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